Section 69 of IT Act

National Media Analytics Centre (NMAC)

February 29, 2016

The Government has proposed to set up a National Media Analytics Centre. The main objective for such a  proposal is to actively come up with instant counters to negate the resentment triggered by news items, so that the contents on the Social media do not snowball in...

National security versus Free Speech

September 13, 2015

Union government has often resorted to blocking of websites to stop the growth of jihadist propaganda by anti-national groups. The crackdown has failed to boost the confidence of citizens in the government machinery. This is basically because of poorly regulated internet which is backed by a deficient...

Essay: Radicalization – The role of the Internet & India’s reponse

June 10, 2015

Internet has revolutionised our lives and has changed many aspects of how we work, live, shop, conduct our hobbies and the ways we form and maintain our relationships. Due to its global reach and unbounded fetter, Internet has become the integral part of business, recreation, education, personal...