Quiz 511 : Current Affairs

1. Which of the following country was the host of First Asian Yoga Championship held recently?

2. Which among the following is the top dividend paying company of India, as per a study done by Economic Times?

3. What does the Canada India Research U. S refer to ?
(A)A Business forum
(B)A nuclear Reactor
(C)A scientific research group
(D)A proposed space research organization

4. Which among the following is India’s largest indigenous Research and Production nuclear reactor?

5. Which among the following is headed by Justice Lokeshwar Singh Panta?
(A)Arms Forces Tribunal
(B)National Green Tribunal
(C)Debt Recovery Tribunal
(D)Central Administrative Tribunal

6. Christine Lagarde, who recently headed the G-20 meeting of Finance Ministers and Governors of central Banks is Finance Minister of which among the following countries?

7. Which among the following is not a feature of the proposed Companies Bill 2009?
(A)Limit on the number of the subsidiary companies
(B)Rotation of the auditors
(C)Reduction in the type of the companies categories
(D)Proposal of National Company Law Tribunal

8. In which year, Imperial Records Department (IRD) was established, which is now known as National Archives of India?

9. The Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) has been established under which among the following departments of Government of India?
(A)Department of Consumer Affairs
(B)Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion
(C)Department of Telecommunication
(D)Department of Economic Affairs

10. Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary, which is being proposed as a new home for some relocated Gir lions from Gujarat, is located in which among the following states?
(B)Madhya Pradesh

11. Which among the following sports is NOT a part of the London Olympics?
(C)Table Tennis

12. Who among the following has been defeated by Saina Nehwal, who has won the Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold title recently, becoming the First Indian to do so?
(A)Ji Hyun Sung
(B) Wang Lin
(C)Kamilla Rytter Juhl
(D)Shinta Mulia Sari

13. Which among the following articles of Constitution of India entrusts the President of India to grant pardons?
(A)Article 71
(B)Article 72
(C)Article 73
(D)Article 74

14. Where is going to be established the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) , the latest & first Category-I institute of UNECO in South Asia?
(A)New Delhi

15. Anant Pai, better known as ‘Uncle Pai’ , who recently died was the creator of which among the following comic series?
(A)Chacha Chaudhary
(B)Amar Chitra Katha

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