GS-I: Role of Women and Women’s Organization


                                                              This is a dynamic E-Book comprising the below UPSC Mains Model Questions as well as their answers written by GKToday team. The PDF E-Book can be instantly downloaded after payment. No Hadcopy is provided.
                                                            1. What are your views about women dropping out of the labour force due to inability to find work?
                                                            2. How does patriarchy impact the position of a middle class working woman in India?
                                                            3. Why do some of the most prosperous regions of India have an adverse sex ratio for women? Give your arguments.
                                                            4. Discuss the various social legislations enacted in India in 19th century for improving the conditions of women. Was there any remarkable impacts of these legislations? Elucidate.
                                                            5. Critically discuss the impact of patriarchy upon the position of middle class working women in India?
                                                            6. Critically discuss the impact of recent Supreme Court verdict on women rights in India.
                                                            7. How can NGO play a prominent role in women empowerment? Discuss.
                                                            8. Discuss the various economic and socio-cultural forces that are driving increasing feminization of agriculture in India.
                                                            9. How specially designed financial products for Women can play role in gender equality and women empowerment?
                                                            10. How do you think the reforms in public transport in India effect women?
                                                            11. Explain the key highlights of the SDG Gender Index. What are the implications of the findings for India?
                                                            12. The number of women in labour force is reducing day by day. Enumerate the reasons behind the reducing dropout rate.
                                                            13. There is a lack of equal or even adequate representation of women in the upper echelons of corporate India. Elaborate
                                                            14. The shocking incident of rape and murder of a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad speaks volumes of the lack of stringent laws dealing with sexual assault. Discuss the measures to combat violence against women. 
                                                            15. Describe the situation of Indian women in society and why MPs advocating for ‘lynching’ and other mob justice type punishments for rapists is an abdication of responsibility by the Parliament and Politicians?
                                                            16. The Discussion of Women’s reservation should occupy the mainstream to challenge patriarchy and deal with the society. Comment.
                                                            17. India Takes Steps Towards Feminization Of Agriculture
                                                            18. Apart from a few notable individual achievements, the overall participation of women in scientific research has been very low. Examine the steps taken by the government in this regard.
                                                            19. Economic empowerment of women is the key to ensure their social empowerment. Discuss in context of India.
                                                            20. Women in India do not enjoy their full reproductive rights. Highlight the interventions adopted to remove these barriers.
                                                            21. Despite agriculture increasingly becoming a female activity in India, only a very small amount of land owners are women. Identify the hurdles in giving women land rights and the measures needed to tackle it.
                                                            22. Though the situation of women has improved considerably in present India, still various forms of violence against India is still persisting. Discuss the ways to handle this issue effectively.
                                                            23. India has made a significant progress in ensuring better representation of women in Indian armed forces. However, much more still needs to be done. Discuss.
                                                            24. The reasons for continued lack of participation of women in Politics is deeply rooted into the past and traditional belief system. Analyse in context of India.
                                                            25. Throw some light on the concept of gender budgeting and mention reasons behind its poor status in India. Also, suggest measures to address these issues.
                                                            26. The reasons behind violation of sexual and reproductive rights of women are often deeply engrained in societal values and traditions. Comment.
                                                            27. Discuss how the taboos and myths surrounding menstruation in India have been detrimental for women in many aspects of socio-cultural life. Suggest measures to combat them.
                                                            28. In view of the BCCI recently announcing a ‘pay equity policy’, discuss the challenges faced by women athletes and the possible ways to make professional sports more inclusive.
                                                            29. What is the two finger test criticized by the Supreme Court recently? How far would the apex court directive go towards eliminating this practice?
                                                            30. Discuss the issue of technology-facilitated abuse. How can India ensure a safe digital space for its women?
                                                            31. Disclaimer: These questions have been written and answered by GKToday team over the period of time; and have included some previous years questions also. While every effort was made to ensure that these questions as well as their answers remain relevent and correct, it is possible, that some facts or context in some questions might have changed over time. GKToday does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by such change of facts or context in the questions and answers of this E-book.

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