Mains-67: E-technology in the aid of farmers

How Maha Agri Tech project aims to mitigate risks in farming?

The Maha Agri Tech project is the best example of using technology to address various cultivation risks ranging from poor rains to pest attacks, accurately predict crop-wise and area-wise yield and eventually to use this ..

"Without modernization of technology, the target of doubling the farmers' income by year 2022 appears to be a pipe dream." Critically examine keeping in reference various technology interventions by the government.

The government of India has set an ambitious target of doubling the income of Indian farmers who have faced a lot of distress in the last few years. An Inter-Ministerial Committee has also been set ..

Enumerate the concerns regarding GM crops and steps taken for their safe use in India.

Genetically modified crops are plants whose DNA has been modified using genetic engineering techniques.�The aim is to introduce new traits in the plant which does not occur naturally in the species like resistance to certain ..


Ban on genetically-modified crops has not just restricted the farmers from accessing technology but is also promoting flourishing of an illegal market. Comment.

Genetically-modified crops are banned in India despite being grown in other parts of the world like the US and Canada. It has been proven that these crops are safe and moreover the GM crops relatively ..

What is the Blockchain technology and how it is beneficial for small farmers in present times?

Blockchain Technology�is an online virtual ledger. Due to this technology one can record transactions as they happen, one after another, linking one transaction to the next, thereby creating a chain of blocks Features of the ..