Mains-17: Population and associated issues

India Skills Report 2018-20: How has Youth Fared?

Recently, the India Skills Report 2018-20 was released to some interesting insights. What is the India Skills Report? The India Skills Report is a joint initiative by a Global Talent Assortment Company called PeopleStrong, along ..

Analyze whether India needs a countrywide exercise for NRIC in the light of the recent exercise done in Assam.

The Preparation of National Register of Indian Citizens (NRIC) is governed by the provisions of Section 14A of The Citizenship Act, 1955 which provides for compulsory registration of every citizen and maintenance of NRIC and ..

"The key rationale behind conducting a socio-economic and caste census was to assess the population that is actually below the poverty line (BPL)."To what extent the methodology adopted has been successful in SECC-2011 objectives? Discuss critically.

Model Answer: Our country has always struggled to define who is poor. Despite of so many committees formed over the last many decades, there has never been a correct insight into who are the legitimate ..


"The recently released religious data in Census 2011 had stripped up a controversy with respect to the growth of the minority population in India."Critically examine the issue.

Model Answer: India is a welfare State, where various welfare schemes are launched for the benefit of the common man. Effective implementation of schemes requires information at the grass root level. This information is provided ..

"India's national population policies have failed to achieve their objectives as we remain world's second largest populated country."What are the shortcomings? Discuss.

Model Answer: The first National Population Policy was formulated and tabled in 1976 in Parliament. However, the statement was neither discussed nor adopted. Further the National Health Policy was then designed in 1983.It stressed the ..