1.In a certain code BOLERO is written as PSFMPC. How BOMAN will be written in the same code?


2.In a certain code COMPUTER is written as 34897652. Which among the following has not been correctly written in the same code language?
(A)COMMUTER – 34887652
(B)PEETER – 755652
(C)MOTER – 84652
(D)REPUTE – 259764
(E)all written correctly

3.Which among the following will replace ? In the following series
(E)None of them

4.In a certain examination, Mayank obtains lesser marks than Jagat who obtains more marks than Pavan. However Ganesh obtains lesser marks that Ashish but more marks than Pavan. Who among the following will come in the center if they are arrange in order of increasing or decreasing marks?

5.Complete the following series :
17, 31, 58,111, ?


6. 5 years back my age was 3 times the present age of my daughter. 6 years from now my age will be 4 times the present age of my daughter. After how many years from now, my age will be 5 times my daughter’s present age?


7.If BAD is coded as 7, DAD is coded as 9, GATE is coded as 33 , than which of the following would be coded as 45?

8.Complete the following series :
6, 11, 18, 27, 38, ?


9.Complete the Following Series:
2BZ, 4CY, 8EW, 16HT, ?


10.Aman starts his journey from his house towards north direction. After traveling 20 kms, he turns right and travels 15 kms, and then again turns right and travels 40 kms. After that, he once again turns right and travels 15 kms. Which among the following is his correct location now?
(A)20 kms North
(B)20 kms South
(C)15 Kms west
(D)15 Kms East
(E)15 Kms South

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