What were the reasons of the fall of Roman Empire?

From about two centuries before arrival of Christ to five centuries after the Christ, the civilized areas such as town of Europe and the Middle East were dominated and ruled by the Roman Empire. At its zenith, the Roman Empire stretched east to include Greece, Turkey, Syria, Mesopotamia and Persia; stretched south to include the Africa north of the Sahara from Egypt to the Atlantic; stretched to north and west of Europe within its borders the Danube and the Rhine, and included Great Britain south of Scotland Hadrian’s Wall.

This great empire fell due to various reasons such as:

  • Internal political corruption
  • Economic and social difficulties arising from ruling such a vast territory
  • High cost of warfare to maintain the empire
  • Slavery causes the surplus of labour
  • Overindulgence immorality, indolence of citizens
  • Religious and ethnic strife.