"Without modernization of technology, the target of doubling the farmers' income by year 2022 appears to be a pipe dream." Critically examine keeping in reference various technology interventions by the government.

The government of India has set an ambitious target of doubling the income of Indian farmers who have faced a lot of distress in the last few years. An Inter-Ministerial Committee has also been set up to study the issues of the farmers and also all the possibilities of doubling of the income. The role of Digital Technology is being discussed for playing a lead role in modernization and organization of Indian agriculture. These technologies include Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Bloc Chain Technology, etc. The use of this technology is highly important for making Ministerial schemes very successful. Some of the notable technological interventions are:
� Kisan Suvidha Mobile Application: This is to give information to the farmers on some vital parameters like weather, plant protection, farm machinery, market prices, Soil Health Card, Cold Storages and Godowns, etc. With all the market information farmers are able to know more about the markets for selling the products and other kinds of prevalent market prices and demand. Thus, they can make better decisions at the right time.
� More than 100 mobile apps have been developed by ICAR and State Agricultural Universities and Krishi Vigyan Kendras in areas like crops, horticulture, dairy, fisheries, management of natural resources, etc. give vital information to the farmers, like the package to farmers, market prices of various commodities, etc.
� the mKisan portal is another useful portal for many crops related matter to all the registered farmers.
� e-National Agricultural Market initiative was launched to give farmers an electronic online trading platform for all the agricultural commodities in India. The market helps farmers, traders and buyers with various online trading in commodities. The market is helpful in the better discovery of price and other smooth marketing facilities.
� Implementation of Agriculture Marketing Infrastructure for improving creative scientific storage capacity for storage of farm produce, processed farm produce and also reduction of post-harvest storage loss.


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