Why do you think is there a need for defending multilateralism in India?

Although India has done well on the world stage to defend the multilateral trading system, it is the World Trade Organisation which has come under attack from the Trump administration which has resorted to its unilateral policies against its partners in trade to push for concessions outside the framework of multilateralism.

  • Delhi Declaration which was adopted during the meeting of trade ministers of 22 nations has pressed for an urgent need of reviving the multilateral system. A special focus was given to the appointment of members of the appellate body of the Dispute Settlement Mechanism. The US has always blocked the appointment of members to the latter body.
  • Many developing nations in which the US is locked in at different stages of trade disputes operating outside the multilateral framework are joining in to raise their demands which will not be easily accepted by the US. Even EU members who had to face the wrath of US trade and tariffs should be involved. This will bring in more political coordination.

India should also reflect on its domestic policy front as it joins the chorus to oppose the protectionism unleashed by the US.


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