What significance does the G20 Summit which is slated to be held in last week of June carry for India in face of Trump�s bigoted racism?

The G20 Summit will bring leaders from both the developing and developed nations together. The occasion will serve as a good opportunity for PM Modi to meet President Trump, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping and also Russian President Putin all on the same platform. Many new equations have taken form on the geopolitical front as President Trump has completely shaken the world order. President Trump has proved to the world he has the potential and will to change all the strategic, political, sociocultural and economic norms all of which have given form to international relations after World War II.
President Trump has shown that he is an ardent bigoted racist proved by the ban he has imposed on visas on people coming as immigrants from certain Muslim countries although he enjoys personal relations with heads of countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE. His views of the Islamic world are said to be shaped by Jared Kushner who enjoys a special relation with PM Netanyahu of Israel. US obligation to the realities of globalisation stand eroded by Trump�s withdrawal from Paris Climate Pact, unilateral withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal and imposing sanctions on the Iranian regime and also sanctions on many Chinese goods. There is an air of conservatism seen in the European nations as well. The climate in geopolitics of the world PM Modi will have to walk very carefully as the US policy can have serious results for our national security. India is planning to buy more defence equipment from Russia, France and even Israel. India will have to thus craft our financial measures so that Indian interests are not compromised by US sanctions.


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