What is the special representative mechanism between India and China? To what extent, it has been successful in achieving its objectives? Discuss.

China and India bilateral relations since India-China war 1962 had been characterised by mutual distrust and conflict. Boundary dispute had been at the core of this unfriendly relationship. Special representative Mechanism was established in 2003 between India and china to resolve the boundary issue, one of the earliest trust building measure.

  1. The special representatives undertake discussion to seek fair , reasonable and mutually acceptable solution of the border issue at earliest. Till now more than 20 rounds of meetings have been undertaken by both the parties.
  2. In the first phase SRM established political parameters and guiding principle for resolution of issue
  3. Peace and tranquillity along LAC has been maintained
  4. Both the sides have established mechanism to deal with border transgressions effectively and speedily.
  5. SRM has not yet been able to draw framework for resolution of dispute.
  6. No clarity whether Doklam issue to be included in SR mechanism, as India claims it to be part of SRM while China says only LAC included in SR mechanism.

Thus SRM has been successful in reducing border transgressions along LAC along the western border, but does not include eastern borders. The talks under the mechanism have been slow and have hit several roadblocks due to bilateral issues. It is needed that issue is resolved sooner so that it acts as a stepping stone for other issues like Arunachal Pradesh.


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