What is the Seesaw theory in International Relations in context with China and Taiwan?

The relations between China and Taiwan have reached the lowest in recent times. China views Taiwan as a rebel province and looks forward to its reunification. Taiwan, on its part, has established an independent government based on democratic principles. China wants Taiwan to abide by the 1992-Consensus and respect the �One-China� principle. But Taiwan has always denied any formal agreement was reached in 1992. China has also proposed Taiwan that it can have �One country, two systems�.
Thus, Taiwan and China share a SeeSaw relation wherein both are sitting on the two sides of a seesaw. If 1992 is taken as the fulcrum and both the countries are sitting very close to it, so no matter what are the individual sizes, the seesaw will remain balanced. But if either side pushes back there will be a grave misbalance. Thus, the movement of one on the plank will have an equal effect on the other.


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