What is International Space Station? Why is the Space Station important?

The International Space Station is a large spacecraft. It orbits around Earth. It is a home where astronauts live.

  • The space station is also a science lab. Many countries worked together to build it
  • The space station is made of many pieces. The pieces were put together in space by astronauts
  • The first piece of the�International Space Station was launched in 1998. A Russian rocket launched that piece
  • The space station�s orbit is approximately 250 miles above Earth
  • NASA uses the station to learn about living and working in space. These lessons will help NASA explore space
  • The space station is as big inside as a house with five bedrooms. It has two bathrooms, a gymnasium and a big bay window
  • It is big enough to cover a football field including the end zones
  • The space station has many parts. The�parts are called modules

Importance of Space Station:

  • The space station is a home in orbit. People have lived in space every day since the year 2000
  • The space station�s labs are where crew members do research. This research could not be done on Earth
  • NASA has a plan to send humans deeper into space. The space station is one of the first steps. NASA will use lessons from the space station to get astronauts ready for the journey ahead

Recently U.S. space agency NASA said that it would open up the International Space Station to business ventures including space tourism.


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