What is Deep Tech? Examine case for an “India Strategic Fund”.

The government of India has been focusing on self-reliance in the field of military technology, semiconductors and science-based businesses.

Deep Tech:

  • Deep tech refers to those organisations which are involved in the field of technology solutions, engineering innovation, scientific advances, etc.
  • On a broad level, they are involved in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, Blockchain, advanced electronics, biotechnology, etc.

Lack of funding in deep tech:

  • The government is facing a cash crunch for investing in the field of deep tech, which requires huge investment. Also, the private players are not investing much in this field.
  • Hence the government is promoting it through various programmes like Start-up India, Indian semiconductor mission, iDEX etc.
  • Unwillingness among investors due to a longer gestation period.

So, There is a need to develop a India strategic fund for developing the deep tech sector.

Ways to create India’s strategic fund:

  • To become a developed and self-reliant country, India needs world-class deep tech capabilities.
  • Utilisation of unused CSR budgets.
  • Text incentives.
  • Preventing misuse of funds.

Way forward:

The government’s mission for Atmanirbhar Bharat will be given a significant push by promoting and supporting deep tech industries. It will help India to become a developed country and project it as a superpower.


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