What in your opinion is the significance of Mission Shakti?

Mission Shakti was the name given to the successful destruction of a live satellite by India in the Low Earth Orbit by the A-SAT or the anti-satellite system. This wonderful feat has made India the fourth country in the world to achieve this after US, Russia and China.
Anti-Satellite weapon or ASAT is basically systems based on missiles and are designed to attack moving satellites.
Mission Shakti has proved to the world that India has developed the ability to intercept any kind of incoming missile and has placed India in the club of Space Superpowers. The Low-Earth Orbit satellite which was destroyed was at a distance of 300km from Earth. Such satellites usually orbit Earth at a maximum altitude of 2000 kilometres from Earth. India has so far known 5 LEO satellites-PiSat, Resourcesat 2, Radar Imaging Satellites 1 and 2 and SRMsat.


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