What do you understand by moral vulnerabilities? Bring out the two moral vulnerabilities recognized by you in yourself. How do you think that you can overcome these moral vulnerabilities?

Published: January 8, 2017

Morality is inherently subjective in nature. It is shaped by the society that one grows up in. the circumstances/conditions that could cause even a morally strong person to deviate from his code of ethics are termed moral vulnerabilities. For example, when one discounts others interests while fulfilling their own goals/objectives or when we work towards short-terms goals while forgetting to account for the larger picture etc. Moral vulnerability is caused by inducements as well as apprehensions. Undue Inducement forces us to do something which may be morally questionable.
Two of my moral vulnerabilities are being pessimistic and trusting others blindly.
In my attempt to be realistic, I tend to be overly pessimistic in my world view. I try to keep the pessimism in check by focusing on the good and positive things around me. I actively try to infuse my life with optimism, so that it keeps the pessimism in check.
While trust is an important quality, one shouldn’t trust others blindly. Trust must be earned, and an overtly cautious approach shouldn’t be adopted. I try to live by the motto ‘Trust, but verify’ to ensure that my trust is not misplaced. (192 words)

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