What do you mean by the term Pro-tem speaker? Discuss the duties and functions of a pro-tem speaker.

Pro-tem Speaker means �time being� in English. He is a�temporary speaker appointed for a limited time period�to conduct the works in Lok Sabha or in state legislatures.
About Pro-tem speaker:

  • When the vote for the speaker and deputy speaker has not taken place, the pro-tem speaker is chosen for the conduct of the house
  • The name of pro-tem speaker is decided by the ruling party or alliance and sent to the president
  • The pro tem speaker is the longest serving member of the house or one of its very senior members
  • He enables the House to elect the new Speaker
  • Once the new Speaker is elected, the office of the pro tem speaker ceases to exist
  • Article 180 (1)�of the Constitution gives the Governor the power to appoint a pro-tem Speaker

Duties and functions:

  • The main duty of the pro-tem speaker is to administer the oath to the newly elected members.
  • A pro-tem is Speaker of the House �for all purposes with all powers, privileges and immunities� until the Speaker is elected
  • The powers of the Speaker pro-tem are co-extensive with the powers of elected Speaker

The powers regarding the Pro-tem speakers are not clarified but this is very clear that Pro tem speaker does not have as much power as the permanent speaker has. He cannot or at least does not exercise the serious powers of the speaker like defection etc. But in regular routine work, he enjoys the same position power and privilege and immunities as that of a regular speaker.


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