What are your views about the National Clean Air Programme?

The National Clean Air Programme was launched by the Central government for bringing a reduction in pollution caused by particulate matter by 20-30% in at least 102 cities by the year 2024. It was launched by the Ministry of Environment to cut the concentration of rough PM10 and also fine particles PM2.5 by a minimum of 20%, taking 2017 as the base year. 102 cities from a total of 23 states were earmarked for the same after the reports from WHO about the air quality. Most of the chosen cities are tier 2 cities with the exception of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. The programme is supported by experts from both the industry and academia along with a collaboration of various ministries. Experts have expressed their doubts over the funding provisions of the same in addition to the ambiguity about the legal framework and have stated fears about the effectiveness of the programme.


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