What are the values that you learn from Indian Constitution? Discuss.

Indian Constitution is a great source of human values emphasising on promoting humanism through its legislative, executive and judiciary institutions. The key values that I learn from constitution are equality and a positive discrimination for welfare of deprived; commitment to an egalitarian and just social order; justice, liberty, equality and fraternity, secularism, democracy and socialism. These are also the well accepted core national values of India. Constitution also teaches us individual values such as Truth; Dharma; Shanti (peace), Ahimsa (non-violence).
Constitution teaches us to be impartial, non-partisan and tolerant in our attitude and public interaction. This value of impartiality can be adopted in our public interaction where we do not treat people differently because of their caste, religion etc.
Liberty of thought, expression, belief or faith is necessary for all round development of an individual. This value can be cherished only if show tolerance towards people with different and views. Constitution also teaches the value of fraternity that promotes the spirit of common brotherhood among all citizens.


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