What are the reasons for poor acceptance of cost-effective small processing unit? How the food processing unit will be helpful to upliftment of socio-economic status of poor farmers?

Food processing is the process of transformation of raw agricultural products into other forms of food. It includes different food processing methods like grinding grain to make raw flour, potato chips from potatoes, etc.

Previous Initiatives

  • Food infrastructure like packing labeling was conducted in the mega food park. Investment cost was curtailed for this initiative.
  • Several government schemes have been initiated and the green revolution boosted the agricultural sector.


  • Small units are debarred from the facility of packaging, cold storage, warehousing, logistics, supply chains, etc.
  • Lack of manpower and lack of skillset created impediments in the production sector.
  • Climate change and string fruits in the cold storage for a long time cause wastage.
  • Lack of adequate technology.

How a small processing unit helps

  • The process units enable farmers to produce other food-related products that are long-lasting and the wastage of food also gets reduced.
  • The income of farmers also increased due to the adoption of the food processing method.
  • The export facility becomes reachable to the farmers.
  • The transition of farmers from direct agricultural to non-agricultural activities ultimately improves the condition of the farmers.


The government has initiated several schemes like Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana, Krishonnati Yojana, SAMPADA scheme with the vision of doubling the income by 2022. Addressing all the problems faced by the small processing units, the government will definitely succeed to enhance the condition of agriculture as well as the lifestyle of the people associated with farming activities.


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