What are the objectives and contours of the "challenge method"recently mooted by central government to foster competition among states for expeditious implementation of infrastructure projects? Critically discuss.

challenge method one of the most transparent and efficient method fallowed by the switzerland which is adopted by the indian government to create  competition among the states for swift implementation of infrastructure projects
what is ” challenge method “all about
It is very simple method which gives an opportunity to any private person or enterprise to create and submit developmental proposal or bid to governments various projects .and it will be made online for the reviews and suggestions and also  for counter proposals
Along with that an expert committe will be appointed to rate this developmental propsal and counter proposals to choose best one among this proposals
The main objective of this “challenge method”
To create competition among the states to get more projects from the centre by proving more efficiency in procuring lands clearances ,well planned execution and effective management of the projects.
Redressal of states with more efficient working methods in implementations of projects by allotting high score points.
major objective of challenge method will be adequate transparency between centre and states
It challenges to various problems like
2)cutting down of time in planning.
3)avoids ambiguity and inadequate transparency.


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