What are the challenges for India posed by the growing ties between Russia and China?

The growing ties between Russia and China should definitely ring a bell for Indian diplomacy. President Putin has already declared that the partnership between Russia and China has already reached an unprecedented level. The Russian-China alliance is being made to counter the US. This further complicates the situation for Indian diplomacy. Navigation of this rivalry between the greatest powers of the world will remain one of the biggest challenges for Modi government�s foreign policy. The government can no longer bet on the triangular dynamic to even out as the relative harmony between the major world powers has ended. China and Russia are poised to limit many real-time contradictions which they share and present a synergistic view to American interests. The alliance will present a huge economic, counterintelligence, political, diplomatic challenge to US and allies. The concerns have been voiced in the 2019 Worldwide Threat Assessment Report presented by the US Intelligence Community. It clearly stated that both China and Russia are increasing their cooperation on multiple fronts to reshape the global order to their benefit. India is thus at a very sensitive turning point of international diplomacy and has to reconsider its realignments to the world powers.


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