What are Peri-urban areas? Highlight the problems of Peri-urban areas in India and also suggest corrective measures.

Peri-urban areas refer to the area near by a urban town, which is in fast developing stage, or has developed due to agglomeration economy.

Problems of Peri urban areas:

  • Automatic expansion leads to bad management of town.
  • Dumping ground of urban efflux. E.g. Waste Mounds on outskirts of Delhi.
  • Ghettoization is a common problem. E.g. Dharavi in Mumbai.
  • Health, Sanitation, and Social evil of gender disparity are common.
  • Education, Political participation, and vote bank politics are major concerns.


  • Establishing municipal board or town management committee.
  • People participation and state’s active involvement.
  • City level planning in terms of master plan is needed. E.g. Slum rehabilitation work.
  • More NGO, Mohalla clinic, Mobile health vans are needed.
  • Spreading awareness among society through NGOs and civil society. E.g. Jaga mission of Odisha for innovative housing can be replicated.

While developing economy coming to Peri-urban area is inevitable, sustainable planning is the need of the hour to realise dream of sustainable development goals of Sustainable cities.


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