What are Green Crackers? How they can contribute in reducing pollution levels?

The pollution levels especially in the urban witness a glaring spike during Diwali due to the practice of bursting of crackers. Often there are demands to impose a blanket ban the firecrackers. But this poses difficulty due to religious reasons. Hence an alternative of green crackers is being explored.

Green Crackers

Green crackers are less harmful as compared to conventional firecrackers. Green crackers do not contain harmful chemicals. As a result, there would be less pollution.

How Green Crackers are different than conventional crackers?

The Green crackers use a proprietary additive that acts as a dust suppressant. The usage of chemicals is also less in green crackers. Some of the green crackers have also replaced barium nitrate as an oxidiser for combustion since barium nitrate hurts health when inhaled, causing irritation in the nose, throat and lungs.

To differentiate from conventional crackers a Quick Response (QR) code will be put on the firecrackers.

Initiatives in Designing Green Crackers

  • CSIR is working on developing firecrackers that reduce the emission of particulate matter by 30-35% and other hazardous chemicals like nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide.
  • One of the prototypes generates water molecules, which acts as a dust suppressant. The other prototype reduces aluminium content.
  • Scientists have also developed potential sound-emitting functional prototypes which do not emit sulphur dioxide.
  • The prototypes of flower pots which substitutes barium nitrate with an eco-friendly version are also being tested.
  • The possibility of e-Crackers is also being explored.

CSIR will disclose the composition to the manufacturers after they sign a Memorandum of Understanding and a non-disclosure agreement. Following which the manufacturers are required to apply to the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) for authorisation. The samples thus produced are submitted to CSIR for emission testing.


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