"Underdevelopment breeds insurgency and insurgency retards development". Discuss giving reference to India's North East Region.

Model Answer:
Regional development means improving the economic, political, and social well-being of the people. It also includes education, employment and healthy life style of the people. But, the condition with North-East remained just opposite since the colonial period because of its geographical isolation from the Indian mainland. This was because; the products and services rendered by people from this region would take more time and money to reach anywhere else because of fewer roads and rail connectivity. The region being famous for its natural resources have been exploited by many external agents including Britishers, but the profit have not been shared adequately to the indigenous people. Thus, this region remained backward and due to extreme poverty and large-scale encroachment made the people to adopt the militant activities. Thus, we see that development and extremism are linked into two ways. First, development is vital for tackling extremism or strengthening national security. Second, growth of extremist organizations, coupled with their ability to influence the process of legitimate politics and the alleged nexus of political parties with such forces, are undoubtedly impeding the development process. Thus, underdevelopment breeds insurgency and insurgency retards development.


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