UN Climate Change meet could provide industry a roadmap for low carbon growth. Comment.

India may join any coalition but it will be helpful for the country to think in terms of sectors for a long-term national growth strategy on low carbon. UN Secretary-General has expressed concerns that the collective ambition on climate is very less and there is an urgent need to start new initiatives for closing the gap between the Nationally Determined Contributions which were made under the Paris Pact and Climate Stabilisation Goal. There is an urgent need for the world to ahead with the zero carbon emission around 2050. He world is bent on high electrification of energy, transport and the industry in the medium term while its only in long -term that the nations of the world want to adopt the low to zero carbon technologies. It has been stated that nine tracks will be followed at the summit with the industry track which stresses on the industrial decarbonisation. Latter is being led by India and Sweden. Although the industrial decarbonisation is a heavy challenge but it but the data states that India is well ahead and is about the achieve its target before time. More than one-third of emissions are produced by the factors which are harder to control as they will see high growth rate leading to an increase in energy demand by 3-4 times. Many heavy industries are dependent on fossil fuels and not many technologies are available or ready for commercial application. The industry is reluctant to adopt the technology due to concerns about the market share. Three possible coalitions can be ultimately driven at the summit namely, a voluntary coalition of the industries which have the inner intent to speed towards low to zero technologies, the second coalition can be of those countries which promote reduced carbon intensity and finally a combined coalition of countries and industries to make international agreements on promotion of technology.


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