24 Model Questions on GS-II: Various Issues Related to Executive Judiciary in India for UPSC Mains Examinations

  1. In view of the recent critique of the collegium system, comment on the differences between the collegium system and the now-scrapped NJAC system. What is the way ahead for the Indian judiciary?
  2. The Karnataka High Court recently called upon the Law Commission of India to reconsider the criteria for age of consent. Discuss the need for this reconsideration.
  3. Comment on death penalty in India. Give arguments in favour of and against continuing death penalty in present era.
  4. The NGT is a unique institution with a role going beyond mere adjudication and having a capacity to provide redressal for environmental exigencies. Analyze.
  5. Fair and speedy trial is as important as conviction of the guilty and acquittal of the innocent. In the light of this statement, discuss the reasons behind the large number of undertrials in India and measures taken to ameliorate the issues faced by them.
  6. The lower judiciary in India is plagued by various challenges which directly impacts its productivity. Discuss and suggest some remedial measures.