GS-I : Salient Features of Indian Society, Diversity of India

This section provides model questions and their answers for UPSC Mains General Studies Paper -I Salient Features of Indian Society Diversity of India.

Critically examine the rationale behind the recent order from the Punjab government to ban songs that glorify weapons and violence.

To address the issue of gun culture in the state, the Punjabi government recently approved an order banning the public exhibition of guns, including on social media, as well as songs that celebrate violence and weaponry. Gun culture in Punjab: ..


What is the two finger test criticized by the Supreme Court recently? How far would the apex court directive go towards eliminating this practice?

In a progressive call, recently the Supreme Court of India has slammed the “two finger test” and said that those conducting it on alleged rape victims will be declared guilty of misconduct. Two-finger test: The ‘two finger test’ or ‘per ..


Why is the Global Hunger Index (GHI) being criticized? What can be done to address this issue?

The global hunger index is a method for evaluating and tracking global, regional and national hunger. India has ranked poor in the global hunger index 2022 with the rank of 107 among 121 countries. This has released concerns regarding the ..


In light of the recent debate on Hindi vs English, examine the status of vernacular in India. What are some benefits of using vernacular in education?

Linguistic diversity of India poses two different challenges. One being the imposition of Hindi as the primary language across the country. This has met with resistance across different states. And second being the status of vernacular languages. Vernacular language is ..


Examine the issues related to child sexual abuse in India. What initiatives India has taken to tackle the issue?

Recently, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) after receiving inputs from interpol, conducted raids across the nation as part of “Operation Megh Chakra” against the online circulation and sharing of Child Sexual Abusive Material (CSAM). The agency carried out a ..


In the light of the recent Supreme Court order against hate speech, discuss the challenges in fighting hate speech while preserving freedom of speech. What needs to be done?

The Supreme Court has directed the police and authorities to take suo moto action in case of hate speeches without waiting for a complaint to be filed. What constitutes hate speech: In India, there is no legal definition of hate ..