GS-I - Salient Features of Indian Society Diversity of India

This section provides model questions and their answers for UPSC Mains General Studies Paper -I Salient Features of Indian Society Diversity of India.

Discuss how the structure of caste system in India has undergone a paradoxical change over last few decades.

Caste system or the “Chaturvarna System” has been an integral element of Indian Society since ancient times. Basic features of traditional caste structure: Strict 4-fold division of occupations, viz. Brahmins-religious rituals, Shudras-Menial jobs. Segregation of living space on the basis of caste. Discrimination on the basis of caste – untouchability. Changes over last few decades: ..


India has the highest number of endangered languages in the world as per the UNESCO. Discuss the factors that have endangered the native languages. Also highlight the steps taken for their protection and conservation.

India is home to a rich linguistic diversity. There are 22 scheduled languages. There are 121 languages which are spoken by 10,000 or more people in India. More than 19,500 languages or dialects are spoken in India. Manuscripts & historical texts are present in many languages. Despite above diversity, India also faces a high risk ..


Deep-rooted traditions and customs have loosened up their hold with the emergence of globalization. Critically analyze in the context of India.

Globalization is the process of the movement of goods, services, and people globally, interacting and affecting each other. Globalization in India had great impacts on all domains of life, especially after the liberalization of 1991. It impacted the political system, economy, society & culture. Culture is the most impacted domain: Reduced diversity of food and ..


India has failed its disabled population. Critically analyze.

The government has extended the deadline for the Accessible India Campaign wing to slow progress. 1. What is an Accessible India Campaign? Under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Accessible India is a nation-wide flagship campaign, being handled by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities. The campaign is divided into three verticals ..


Comment on the significance of the Government’s decision to review the application of creamy layer principle on Scheduled Castes and Tribes in government jobs.

The Government has  asked the Supreme Court of India to review the provisions of creamy layer concept applicable to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes while giving them reservation in promotions. The Central Government has asked the CJI to refer the Jarnail Singh versus Lachhmi Narain Gupta case of September 26, 2018 to a larger Bench ..


Why the town of Sultanpur Lodhi has attained a prominent place in the Sikh Religion?

Sultanpur Lodhi which is a sleepy town in Punjab’s Kapurthala district is at the centre stage of the 550th birth anniversary celebrations of Guru Nanak Dev, founder of the Sikh religion. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be attending the main anniversary programme to be held at the town. Links to Sikhism It is believed that ..