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The women questions arose in modern India as a part of the 19th century social reform movement. What were the major issues and debates concerning women in that period?

The condition of women in the early 19th century was not that satisfying. The society was full of superstitious activities like Sati, Polygamy, Purdah, female infanticide, etc. They were deprived of the educational, social, and economic opportunities. And the matter of inequality further deteriorated the condition. Issues: British India mainly concentrated on the personal laws ..


How can NGO play a prominent role in women empowerment? Discuss.

Though as per constitution men and women are equal, however, women are discriminated at each and every stage of life be it health, be it education they face discrimination. Civil society, NGO can play a vital role in ensuring that women get what is rightfully theirs. Role NGO can play in women empowerment Training & ..


Critically discuss the impact of recent Supreme Court verdict on women rights in India.

Supreme Court in a landmark judgment declared that right to privacy is a fundamental right under article 21 of the Constitution. This judgment will have a substantial impact on the rights of women. Privacy is at the core of various women rights in general and bodily rights in particular. For example, freedom to have a ..


Critically discuss the impact of patriarchy upon the position of middle class working women in India?

Patriarchy refers to the dominance of male in the power equation with female, which in turn leads to subjugation of the latter. In terms of its impact on women folk, following points can provide the required insight: Dual burden of work With the rise of economic wellbeing in the post 1990s India, women have found ..


Discuss the various social legislations enacted in India in 19th century for improving the conditions of women. Was there any remarkable impacts of these legislations? Elucidate.

From a precautionary and indifferent attitude towards social issues in India, the British in the 19th century due to the efforts of Indian intelligentsia made serious efforts to bring about a change in the lives of women. Some of the social legislations introduced in the 19th century are as follows- William Bentinck enacted the Bengal ..


Discuss the role of women in the freedom struggle especially during the Gandhian phase.

Women’s participation in India’s freedom struggle dates back to 1817. While women were involved since the foundation of the Congress, it was Gandhi who initiated the mass participation of women in the freedom struggle. Role of women during the Gandhian phase: Many women played a proactive role in the Gandhian movement. Kasturba Gandhi was imprisoned ..


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