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Although there is no international consensus on the issue but it is the right time for a global tax net for the internet. Comment.

India has supported the idea of the digital service tax at the G20 Summit which was held at Japan last week. The digital service tax is collected from global online businesses which will be shared by different countries in the ..


Do you think the idea of Indian Space Station will be a futile exercise especially as it has to master a lot of expertise which is needed to ensure human viability in space?

Indian Space Research Organization is preparing itself for a very ambitious project of a manned mission to space called Gaganyaan. ISRO also surprised the world as it announced plans to launch its very own Space Station in the low earth ..


How is democracy twined with Artificial Intelligence?

Studies have suggested that the growth of Artificial Intelligence will significantly boost productivity and innovation rate for modern India by 2021. However, the road for India is not very smooth as one of the biggest challenges faced by India is ..