22 Model Questions on GS-II: Parliament and State Legislatures in India for UPSC Mains Examinations

  1. In context of the recent tussle between the Governor of Kerala and the State government, explain the doctrine of pleasure.
  2. Highlighting the process of delimitation in India, throw some light on the debate surrounding it in India.
  3. The effectiveness of laws in India can be improved by formalizing the process post-legislative scrutiny. Analyze.
  4. The Anti-Defection Law (ADL) has been violated and misinterpreted time and again. Suggest measures to strengthen the Anti-Defection Law.
  5. The parliamentary privileges in India are uncodified and this has led to their use for purposes other than they were intended for. In the light of this, examine the need for their codification.
  6. Highlight the importance of Kihoto Hollohan judgement in the light of issue of political defections in India.