005 - Modern Indian History - Significant Personalities

Paying special attention to the contributions of Bhagat Singh, outline the course of the revolutionary movement in the Indian freedom struggle.

The revolutionary movement in the Indian Freedom Struggle had its roots in the Swadeshi movement of 1905. With the failure of the non-cooperation movement to deliver swaraj, it again gained momentum in the 1920s. Significant events of the revolutionary movement: Foundation of Hindustan Republican Association in 1924. Kakori conspiracy case – 1925. Foundation of Naujawan ..


“Both Gandhi and Ambedkar strove for the improvement of the cause of depressed classes. However, both had fundamental differences on different political and social issues.” Elucidate.

Both were great social reformers and political leaders and had a wide vision for the betterment of the depressed classes. However, both differed on political and social issues. Firstly, Gandhi perceived depressed classes to be an integral part of Hindu society, whereas Ambedkar was in favour of annihilation of caste system.  Secondly, Ambedkar held a ..