006 - Modern Indian History - Significant Issues

Critically discuss Dr. Ambedkar’s rationale behind his ideal of “Annihilation of caste”.

Dr. Ambedkar was highly critical of the caste system which was prevalent in India. Therefore, he was of the opinion that the entire caste system be eradicated. He had valid reasons for his opinion: Firstly, according to him the root cause of untouchability in India is the caste system. Secondly, the social reformers and saints ..


Critically elucidate the circumstances in which Gandhi and Ambedkar developed different perspectives in context with the amelioration of problems of depressed classes.

Both played   complementary   roles   in   their   fight   against   Untouchability. Difference just lied in their approach.  Firstly, Gandhi was not in favour of discarding the caste system.  He  looked upon  the  depressed  classes  as  a  part  of  Hindu  society,  whereas  Ambedkar wanted to do away with the caste system as it was beyond reforms. Secondly, Ambedkar  ..