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Despite an enduring commitment to the production of knowledge about India, the British made little effort at any time explicitly to construct an ordering system of ideology for their imperial enterprise. Discuss.

The British Raj wanted to justify their rule in India. For this, they made serious efforts to understand the customs, beliefs, norms, values, etc. of the within the Hindu as well as Muslim fold. However, there appears to be a flaw in their approach. They have shown immense reliance on the elaboration of the systems ..


Explain how the uprising of 1857 constitutes an important watershed in the evolution of British policies towards colonial India.

The British policies of expansion, economic exploitation, administrative resolution adversely affected all classes of the society i.e. Zamindar, tenants, artisans, traders, maulvis, etc. The disagreement over British policies is responsible for forming the uprising of 1857, which shook the entire British empire. The revolt caused many changes in the system of British policy and administration ..


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Discuss the various views presented by historians around the revolt of 1857.

After the analysis of the Revolt of 1857 we came to know that historians have expressed different views depending on their perceptions. Mostly they fall into two categories namely Europeans and the Indians. The former group of historians tried to paint the Revolt as the sepoys mutiny means due to their grievances, the sepoys came ..


Discuss the reasons, key events and outcome of the Revolt of 1857.

After the battle of Plassey of I757, East India Company began to control political powers in the country. The Company extended its dominion territorially and economically. It waged wars of conquest against the Indians. Naturally that led the Indian people to fight against the British. Among them the tribal revolts, Santhal revolts, Rampa rebellion, Kolasian ..


The revolt of 1857 was more spontaneous than planned. Do you agree with this statement? Justify.

There are certain evidences which indicate that the 1857 was planned. These included: Use / distribution of chapattis or red lotus flower to the participants The contact between Azimullah Khan, Maulwi Ahmadullah Shah, Mohammad Fazli. The campaign of Kanpur was a combined campaign Of Shahzada Firoz, Nana Sahib and Kunwar Singh. In madras the slogan ..


The Revolt of 1857 had far-reaching political, military, social and economic results. Amplify.

Revolt of 1857 had far-reaching political, military, social and economic results as follows: Political The administration of India now passed from the English East India Company to the British crown by the Government of India Act, 1858. A Secretary of State of India was appointed in England. He was to be assisted by a 15- ..