078 - Investment Models

Despite having the potential to become a maritime power house, India cannot utilize its full potential until it integrates the dispersed logistic activities of maritime trade. Comment.

Maritime trade accounts for approximately 90% of India’s trade by volume and 60% of India’s trade by value. Dispersed nature of maritime Logistic is a hindrance to efficient Logistics. Dispersed nature of maritime trade Logistics: High number of clearances and regulatory hurdles. Lack of inter-modal connectivity. Lack of hinterland connectivity. Different regulatory regions for major ..


There is a strong regional bias in corporate investment in India that leads to regional inequalities. Critically discuss while suggesting policy measures towards this.

India is a nation of great diversity. Regionalism is one prominent aspect of this diversity, which not only extends to cultural & linguistic preferences but also to economic investment preferences by corporates. As per R.K. Hazari committee on industrial licensing(1966), Indian business houses reflected strong regional biases while investing. Though since then the demographic composition ..