026 - Factors Responsible for Location of Industries Across India

The cotton textile industry in India has been localized to certain regions. Giving a brief account of its distribution, identify the factors behind it.

The cotton textile industry is one of the traditional industries of India. It is the second largest employer and its contribution to GDP is around 2%. The industry is located in traditional centers and market-based centers. Important centers are Mumbai, Surat, Kanpur, Murshidabad, Saharanpur, etc. Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Pune region is one of the traditional centers of the ..


Enumerate the location distribution and factors responsible for location of Engineering industry in India.

India has started emerging as an important nation in the field of engineering indus­tries. The major industries and the important indus­trial centres are listed here: Heavy Engineering Equipment: Ranchi, Durgapur and Naini. Automobiles: Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Faridabad, Pune and Gurgaon. Locomotives: Chittaranjan, Jamshedpur, Vara­nasi and Bhopal. Railway Coaches and Wagons: Perambur, Ban­galore, Agarpara, Dumdum, Kolkata, ..