Page-2 of 074 - Effects of Liberalization On Indian Economy

To what extent the benefits of economic liberalization were trickled down to the lower strata of the society? Discuss critically.

Post independence, Poverty, and slow economic growth were the major issues in front of India. One of the core argument for the economic liberalization was that this will not only boost economic growth but the benefits will be trickled down means growth will percolate down to the poorest people. Similarly as per economist Simon Kuznets, ..


Critically examine the recent health ministry and NITI aayog proposal of public-private partnership (PPP) model to provide diagnosis and treatment for three non-communicable diseases in smaller cities.

The recent proposal by Ministry of Health and NITI Aayog to boost healthcare with PPP is a critical decision of the government as it will lasting impact on public healthcare. The proposal seeks to set up centres under the PPP model in district run hospitals which have at least 250 beds and an average daily ..


Do you support the proposal to abolish PPPAC and make NITI Aayog the approval authority for public-private-partnership (PPP) projects in India? Give arguments.

According to current rules, PPP projects above Rs. 1,000 crore in value are sent to PPPAC and then to the cabinet for final approval. PPPAC was created in 2006 and is responsible for the appraisal of the PPP projects in central sector. In my view, the plan to make NITI Aayog approval authority for PPPs ..



Discuss the Vijay Kelkar Committee on Revisiting and Revitalising the PPP model.

Several infrastructure projects in India have been hit by various issues related to PPP model. It is in this context, the Vijay Kelkar panel recommended various measures for revival of PPP model. It recommended for strengthening of 3 main pillars of the PPP framework viz. Governance, Institutions and Capacity. Few of its suggestion/recommendations are as ..