70 Model Questions on GS-I: Cold War and Other Major Events of 20th Century for UPSC Mains Examinations

  1. What is the ‘Century of Humiliation’, often referred to in discussions about China? How has it shaped the foreign policy of China and its outlook towards the world?
  2. Despite the fact that the Israel-Palestine conflict is rooted in history, it has been shaped in its modern form in the 20th century. Explain.
  3. The American economic recovery act, also known as Marshall Plan, helped in the recovery of European states aftermath of WW2, but it is also blamed for dividing Europe into east and west block. Discuss.
  4. Discuss some of the important inventions and discoveries that took place during the 18th century. How these led to some of the major humanitarian reforms in the society?
  5. Elucidate the factors that made British colonization more effective amongst their other European counterparts like France, Spain and Portugal.
  6. The end of the cold war was a watershed moment in modern Indian history. Discuss the post-cold war foreign policy of India until dawn of new millennium