To what extent consistency between one's emotions, values and behavior is important in personal and professional life? Discuss.

Values from the bedrock of an individual that determines their behavior, outlook towards life and other attitudes. Since emotion is an instinctive or intuitive feeling rather than a well-reasoned response, the underlying values of an individual are also manifested in their immediate emotional reaction. An individual’s behavior is determined by various factors such as their personality, attitudes and values. Thus, an individual’s emotions, values and behavior determine an individual’s personality and their reaction to a particular situation. It does not differ depending on whether it is manifested in the personal life or professional life.
There cannot be strict compartmentalization between one’s professional and personal behavior, values and emotions. Each one of us has to struggle with emotions / rush of the moment exercises, orient the behavior which is consistent with chosen values. Consistency between the two is crucial as it reveals the true nature of the person. For example, an honest woman will be honest both at home and at work. She cannot lie to her family and be an honest and sincere worker in the office, and vice versa. For the good values, emotions and behavior to inbred, there has to be consistency between personal and professional life. (199 words)


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