Throw light on opportunities and challenges involved in India's trade with Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Latin America and Caribbean region is seen as a sea of opportunity. India can encash from this sea of opportunities to benefit from its demographic dividend.
Opportunities for India in Latin American and Caribbean countries

  • Latin American and Caribbean countries have huge tracts of fertile land. They can aid India in addressing food inflation in the items like pulses, sugar.
  • Latin America provides for huge market for Indian pharmaceutical sector and India is already a largest exporter of pharmaceuticals to the region.
  • India is aiming to be an exporter of defence arms and equipments and the region provides enormous opportunities. India has authorized the sale of Brahmos missiles for the region.
  • India is looking for diversification of its energy sources. The region with rich energy resources can aid India in ensuring its energy security.
  • India’s expertise in IT, service industry, culture of education and innovation provides large opportunities for collaboration.
  • Latin America can aid India in its International solar alliance and clean energy initiatives as it has one of the cleanest energy mix.


  • Geographical distance has become a barrier for greater trade and commerce.
  • Lack of direct connectivity between India and the region has reduced the avenues of trade and commerce.
  • Increasing presence of china in the region and the need to compete with Chinese trade.

Both India and Latin America have undergone fundamental transformations and are moving forward in a stable and predictable trajectory of growth and prosperity. This south-south cooperation can provide windfall gains to both India and the Latin American regions.


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