There is no adherence to rules so strictly in Folk music as compared to classical music. Elucidate

Folk music is very different from classical music. Unlike classical Indian music which is bound by certain laws and restrictions having a definite standard and scales, the folk music is not bound by laws or any set pattern. With flexibility in its expressions, it has different forms depending on the region it belongs to. Folk music has its peculiar expressions and emotions and has established a tradition of its own.
Classical music can be effective only if the musician renders the raga in its various stages and moods. The emotions in classical music are expressed through a particular raga, though the lyric or composition has its own importance. However, this is not the case with folk music. In folk music, the musical notes have less value and the poetic content has greater impact and rhythm plays a very important rule. Folk music is borne out of the heart of the common man which does not lay down any rules.


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