There is a paradoxical relationship between Bureaucracy and Democracy, yet an effective democracy require a well-functioning bureaucracy. Comment.

The bureaucracy is an instrument of the executive branch of government that helps in executing policies of the state. In this role, constant interaction with the public is unavoidable.

Paradoxical nature of relationship:

  • Colonial mindset and apathy.
  • Mindset of status-quoism and silo mentality with attitude of superiority.
  • Lack of compassion and culture of red-tapism.
  • Rules based approach.
  • Interference by politicians in working leads to feeling of service compromised.
  • Lack of accountability to public.
  • No transparency in decision-making.
  • Disconnect with public & anti-people attitude.

How to bring in sync with people:

  • Code of conduct and code of ethics.
  • RTI, social audit, citizen’s charter, emotional intelligence, value education, case study approach, etc.
  • Jan-Sunvai, Best practices adoption, etc.
  • Work culture change, influx of IT, Big Data and latest technology.

Way forward:

Thus, while in many aspects civil servants though working for the public are becoming disconnected with it leading to the paradox. Hence, values just as dedication to public service, impartiality, objectivity, empathy, honesty, must be promoted. The “Karmayogi” scheme by the government is a step in the right direction.


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