“There have been different concerns of various sections of the society with reference to the Food Security Act.”Examine.

The National Food Security Act is an act of the parliament of India, signed in 2013, that aimed at providing subsidized food grains to almost two-thirds of the country’s population. It converts into the legal prerogative of other food security schemes viz. Midday Meal Scheme, ICDS scheme, and the PDS.


There have been many concerns of various sections of the society with reference to the Food Security Act 2003. These are the following.

  • The small farmers, especially those who were practicing subsistence farming, may shift to other crops to make more money and buy subsidized grain. It can affect the total output of food grain.
  • The commodity imports of India tend to move global prices. India is forced to buy grain from the international market because of the food security law, which will burden heavy prices.
  • The government will need to procure food grains in large quantities to meet the demands of the law that will increase in minimum support prices to incentivize farmers.
  • The food subsidy bill will rise sharply because of the cost at which the Food Ministry will make additional grain available.
  • Major rice-consuming States like Tamil Nadu enter the open market, seeking to procure rice in huge quantities. The price of the commodity will increase.
  • Higher MSP for cereals and demand for other food items will push up inflation.
  • The overall corruption and malpractices will rise.

Way out

Considering the issue of inflation, malpractice, heavy burden on the government, mandatory provisions, the concerned authority should opt for a scientific and sustainable modification to ensure uninterrupted policy implementation.


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