There are several flaws in the wildlife conservation approach based on the premise of creating national parks, tiger reserves, wildlife sanctuaries etc. managed by the state. Discuss giving arguments.

National parks, Tiger reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, etc are formed under Wild life protection act 1972. These different conservation methods have different condition to access these areas like national parks area are more stringent criteria than wild life sanctuaries to access. This make system more complicated to local people understand different criteria. However these program are successful in achieving  few goals like tiger conservation help in increasing population of tiger in our country.Major flaws are:                                                    
 1) Major parts of these are forest area hence tribal people life affected due to restriction to access the livelihood products.    
 2) Tribal people are not literate hence they are not able to understand the things which prohibit to access these areas hence tribal people are punished by local guard etc.              
 3)In some methods tourism activities are allowed that affects main purpose of these.     
 4) Major flaw is the Biosphere reserves are not come under the wild life protection act hence all activities are allowed under Biosphere reserves which cover both plants & animals conservation. Biosphere are come under Ramsar convection.
Hence government should framed same condition for all type of conservation in keeping the rights of tribal in mind and provide awarence to people living that area and also covered the Biosphere reserve in the wildlife protection act and provide some teeth for protection.


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