There are many problems that have continued to exist in India even after 75 years of independence. However, history has testified India’s resilience and it has grown stronger as a nation. Comment.

The year 2022 marked the 75th year of independent democratic country and ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ was celebrated. In the time of growing global uncertainties, rising polarization and countries being bifurcated, India is standing tall and strong which itself present picture of our strong democratic values.

Problems and our evolution through them:

  • At the time of independence only 11% people could read and write, today this stands at 74%. The growth was slow yet decisive.
  • Condition of women was miserable due to ancient belief system. Indian society is patriarchal and deeply rooted. However, this is changing. Women are rising in all fronts, like, rising political participation (14% in Lok Sabha), declining MMR, increasing literacy rate, women like Indira Gandhi, Mamta Banarji, Vasundhara Raje becoming head of government, is testimony of our growth.
  • Poverty hunger and malnutrition, a problem of every colonial country, through Green Revolution, food safety act, our work is applaudable to eliminate these shortcomings.
  • Our share in global trade and GDP is rising and we are fast developing Nation.
  • Philosophy of peaceful coexistence, Sarva Dharma Sambhav, Yoga has gained International fame and recognition.
  • Having 130 billion people and still serving needs of them, feeding them is a gigantic task and we are achieving it through democratic way.
  • We represent exceptional resilience and spirit of peace and awarded proportionally through Global agreements. E.g. Civil nuclear deal.

However few problems like communal clashes, vigilantism, caste divide, still exist. But history is testimony to the fact that these are just roadblocks and India is well capable of removing them as it has time and again proved.


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