The US needs to tone down its maximum pressure tactics with Iran as there are no apparent plans between the latter and a potential military conflict. Comment.

The main problem with the maximum pressure approach of President Trump is that it does not seem to have any forward plan. Iran is also threatening to breach its commitments it had reached under the Nuclear Deal regarding the uranium enrichment limits. President Trump is caught up in a situation where his tactic of maximum pressure is not giving the desired result and both the nations are inching closer to war as time goes by. The US has to assure Iran of its intentions of engagement and not war. President Trump should try to open a new diplomatic front and give Iran some relief in sanctions which is the primary demand of Iran and then push it to live by the commitments it had made under the nuclear deal. US is walking on a dangerous slope and even an accidental attack by either side can lead to a full-blown conflict. No positive outcome can be achieved under such conditions of ultimate pressure and the looming fear of war. Either side has to break the ice and take a step towards peace and negotiations with a clear agenda to achieve any measurable outcome.


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