The stress on rote learning instead of critical thinking continues, unlike in European systems.

There is enormous pressure generated by the Indian school-leaving examinations on the students and score the higher. Ranking is seen as a sign of excellence. These examinations were designed in the latter half of the nineteenth century to find out who can be picked for the further education. These examinations actually proved to be a system of elimination. This is a structural arrangement which defines that the secondary education is not widespread and so is the higher education. Even opportunities for undergraduate courses were not very widespread. As the system has been present for over a 100 years so has never been questioned but it does not form of valid assessment of validity of potential of young person but merely a system of keeping out children. Children are able to collect short snippets of information with extreme doubt if they are able to process meaningful information from it. The system can be reformed if reforms are brought both in the structure of school education and its curriculum.


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