The scourge of terrorism is a grave challenge to national security. What solutions do you suggest to curb this growing menace? What are major sources of terrorist funding?

Terrorism is systematic use of strategy and force to threaten a population or a government for bringing about political, religious and ideological change. Terrorism has struck almost all nations of the world in form or another. The US has launched many anti-terror missions to disrupt the terror networks and destroy their funding capacities. Although this did was a big blow to their operations but was unqualified to completely stop them. Thus, extremely streamlined steps are required to curb the spreading tentacles of terror across boundaries.

  • Acknowledge and address the circumstances which lead to spread of terrorism, make the best use of UN strategies of conflict prevention, negotiation, peacekeeping, promotion of dialogue among civilisations, prevention of defamation of religions etc.
  • The countries should cooperate in their fight against terrorism as per international human rights laws, refugee law and even international humanitarian law.
  • Countries should not support any rebel or terrorist activity or create any proxies to effect regime change in other nations. The condition in Syria and Iraq is a direct consequence of such tactics which led to the creation of ISIS.

Various wars on terror or uprooting terrorist networks will not be effective unless the basic roots of ideology which underlie it are uprooted. Majority of youth being attracted to such networks are poor, unemployed and largely illiterate because of which they become soft targets for preachers of terror. The governments should focus on the creation of better living and creation of more opportunities for youth to be able to lead a life of respect.
 Primary sources of terror funding include:

  • Charities from wealthy individuals or countries in name of promotion of Islam or some even to support terrorists.
  • The illicit drug trade has supported many terrorist outfits like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah etc.
  • Front companies are legitimate business outfits which make profits operated many terror outfits. These are also instrumental in money laundering. Businesses like trade in fish, leather, livestock agriculture, construction have been seen as the front face of many terror outfits.
  • Black money trade
  • Arms trade

Thus, it is equally imperative to completely disrupt the funding nexus of these outfits. This will act as a major blow to break the terror structure.


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