The reforms and decision-making of government can be greatly improved and accelerated with the help of cabinet committees. Critically evaluate.

The Cabinet committees refer to the group comprised of PM and select council of ministers, who collectively take key executive decisions. The 44th amendment made the president, bound by cabinet advice.

Role Performed:

  • All central government decisions are taken by cabinet committees.
  • They shape the government’s agenda and is the top policy making institution.
  • They are focussed and organized along specialized functions like security, economic affairs, etc, which aids in specialized decision making.
  • They are crucial to the role of collective responsibility, as 50+ members of council of ministers can be too unwieldy to decisively concur in time.

Views against cabinet committees:

  • Against the principle of broad based governance.
  • Lead to centralization of power in PM and his kitchen cabinet.
  • In recent times, it has come under sharp criticism for not being consulted and excessive centralization in the PMO.

The cabinet does not find mention in the constitution (explicit structure). However, cabinet committees have come to play an important role in the transformation of the nation through quick decision making and reforms.


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