The recent efforts to normalise relations between Israel and UAE may open new possibilities for India. Analyse.

The Abraham Pact between USA, UAE, Israel and Bahrain shows a lot of strategic churn going in West Asia. This pact normalizes relationship between Israel and gulf countries, on the condition that no further annexation at west bank.

This also shows that the Palestine issue is no longer the main issue. The ‘Iran Question’, brought players together.

It offers new possibility for India:

  • It strengthens our policy of de-hyphenation with Israel and Palestine.
  • India can now play a much larger role in the regional security and stability in the Gulf, as India has good relations with both UAE and Israel.
  • India can strengthen defence partnership with UAE, Israel is already a strong defence partner.
  • China is already increasing its role in the region, India should act fast before it comes under Chinese sphere of Influence.

This deal is a welcome step, it has potential to bring peace and stability in the disturbed region. It would change the geopolitical arrangement in the Middle East and India should increase its footprint for strategic leverage.


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